Thursday, August 5, 2010


218.4! I'm heading back down. It's about time.

I wrote a letter to Gillis as requested by Mike and Alex. In the letter, I told him that I was mostly finished with the two spots that were do by Friday and would wait for him to have any suggestions.

I lied. I finished both spots last night before emailing him and have absolutely no desire to hear his opinion, since he shoots down all of my ideas. However, I'm the only one who has been doing the work, so I really don't care if he likes or dislikes my ideas.

I bought Kick-Ass on Blu-Ray last night, and I am extremely excited to watch it. I need to get a party together to watch it with some friends. It is a film that will become a cult classic. It was awesome in theaters, and I am very pleased to now own it!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


A couple of days ago, my mother pressured me into having a single slice of blueberry bunt cake, and I've been regretting it since!

220.4! In the two days it's been since eating the cake, I have not been able to lose weight. Still, I am on the downward run.

The food is still fantastic. I don't know if Chelsy knows it or not, but she is an amazing cook. I am always so impressed by the food she cooks for me. I would like to cook for her, but she thinks I only cook spicy food. So, meh!

In other news, I'm sick of Gillis! All summer long, I've been doing all the production work for KWCR FM Ogden. When told that I would be Assistant Production Director, it was under the assumption that I would be able to help Gillis get twice the amount of work done. Unfortunately, we've done half of our expected work, because I'm doing all of it alone! How am I supposed to have faith in his ability if he refused to do any work with me?

I've gotten back into MAG after a while of avoiding it. I really enjoy the game, but I do not like the other people who play. People love being dicks when they have complete anonymity. For some reason, I was kicked out of one game without any of my team telling me why they felt compelled to remove me. Who knows, maybe I shot one of their friends. Or maybe they just wanted me out of the game. Any way it goes, I wish them ill.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Boston Legal

218.4! That's very near a four pound loss! I have to be honest: I don't understand this diet. I feel like I'm pigging out. Sure, I'm eating actual portions instead of buffets, but the food is still fattening and greasy.

I tried to talk to Chelsy about this diet, but she disagreed with my rationality of the diet. I explained what I wrote previously, about carbs being fuel for the brain. She said that I was wrong, that carbs are a completely unnecessary energy source for our bodies.

And I have no way of knowing who's right or wrong. I nearly failed my nutrition class as a freshman, and she's read the Atkin's book.

In other news, Boston Legal is one of the worst shows I think I've ever seen. It is a show where the viewer genuinely has to shut down his or her brain to get any enjoyment out of if. In other words, it's a show that forces stupidity. Shatner's character is pretty great, but the camera angles are amateur and comical, and the story lines are dull and mindless. It's amazing that the show has gotten off the air.

I really hope to keep losing weight. At 190, I enter Phase II of the diet.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Critter Crunch

222.2. I should be excited at losing two pounds on this new diet, except that I have a long way to go. In 50 pounds, I will be happy with myself.

When Chelsy and I met, I weighed about 170, and despite being incredibly thin, I still felt fat. And now, I'm eating a high-fat diet and somehow losing weight.

Chelsy tells me that by eating a lot of fattening food and no carbohydrates, my body is fooled into converting the fat I'm eating, plus the fat I've stored, into fuel for my brain. As stated before, the brain needs the abundance of healthy energy that carbohydrates provide. If they are completely removed from a person's diet, his body must turn to stored energy to continue to feed the brain.

In addition to eating mostly animals in real life, I am playing Critter Crunch, a game featuring a cute little gerbil-like creature that forces other creatures to cannibalize each other until they explode, leaving their crystalline insides for me to devour!

Now, I'm hungry.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pushing Daisies

I had my first fan letter yesterday...from a virus website trying to lure me into their link by saying that I have a great blog about fashion.

I wonder how people can be so foolish. On the PlayStation Network (my ID is BenTheWicked), I always get forwarded letters from people I play online, usually saying the same thing: "Hello, I am some ranking executive for PlayStation Network. We are having trouble with something that causes us to send you free money if you send this email to all your friends. Don't worry, we'll break our privacy policy and the law and track your emails."

Naturally, I respond to these emails with several insults to the sender and then my own sob story about my African prince cousin who is wealthy and in need of sending all of his money out of the country to the person willing to give me his banking information, social security number, and the name of his first girlfriend's pet dog. Nobody has replied.

At 224 pounds, Chelsy decided I need to go on a diet. I won't disclose her weight, but I will say that this is the FATTEST I HAVE EVER BEEN! Unfortunately, the answer is the Atkins Diet. On the negative, people have died from this diet; carbohydrates are the most important fuel for the brain, and without them, the brain slowly dies. Great news for a college student, eh?

On the other hand, the food tastes REALLY good. More so than any other diet, the food with this one is filling and delicious! For breakfast, Chelsy cooked southwestern scrambled eggs (because we don't know how to make omelets), and before deciding to write this, I had an Atkins Advantage shake, the best diet shake I've ever had in my life. For lunch, I'm going to have grilled salmon on a salad with Caesar dressing and Parmesan cheese.

I'm watching the first episode of Pushing Daisies, the best show that should not have failed. As soon as I'm finished, I go back to work on the second bedroom. Illness put a dent in our labors. I need to patch the walls and get to painting.

It would be nice to get a real fan letter, but the point of a blog is not to become famous, although some idiots have). It is important to view a blog as a journal that you leave on your nightstand or take with you to school or work. While it is personal, there is a chance that someone will find and read the journal. And if there is something there you don't want to be public, then maybe you should not have written it to begin with.

As for me, I am a passive-aggressive person with little concern for people viewing my mind. If I write about someone I don't like and they read it, I am ready and willing to defend myself. I have the right to say whatever the hell I want to, and if I'm not friendly with someone, whatever the hell I want to say will appear here.

Monday, July 12, 2010

House Work

Chelsy and I have decided to renovate the second bedroom. It's intense. It hurts to think. It will rock.

Monday, July 5, 2010

And That's How It Goes

As I feared, I took the weekend off from blogging. I wish I could blame the Republican religion of ethnocentric patriotism, but laziness is the guilty party.

This weekend, Shiny-New-Bride and I went to the Huntsville firework show. There we listened to the bastard child of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity talk about the writing of the National Anthem to music from Patton. It was a trip!

Then, on the actual Fourth, which Utah couldn't celebrate because Mormons own the state and never celebrate national holidays on Sundays, we went to my parents' house and lit some boring legal fireworks for my nephews and sister-in-law.

Unfortunately, after the fireworks, my sister decided to make things awkward for Shiny-New-Bride and me by showing us how brainwashed my nephews are. Everything was about showing God's love to the less fortunate, going to periods of time to thank past presidents and warn of trouble, or protecting the persecuted Christians in other countries. There is no better proof of the failure of home schooling than those kids.

Don't get me wrong, they are much smarter than public school kids. However, their intellect doesn't help them in their social aspirations. When I have kids, I hope that I can get very involved in my children's education. School is really no better than babysitting, but kids need to learn how to be social, and church does not facilitate the freedom for a child to learn through trial and error.

In the future, I will be more involved with this blog. The key is to remember to write before I am suffering from insomnia.